Mission and Goals


The Santa Cruz Mountains Bioregional Council encourages the preservation and enhancement of regional biodiversity over time through education, the dissemination of accurate scientific information, and assistance in the planning, coordination, and implementation of conservation efforts.


  1. Strategy: The Bioregional Council will develop appropriate regional biodiversity conservation strategies similar in intent to those first proposed by the former California Biodiversity Executive Council.
  2. Conservation:  The Council will encourage the development of region-wide conservation goals and will support the implementation of consistent and appropriate region-wide standards and guidelines for the protection of biological resources.
  3. Collaboration:  The Council will encourage cooperative efforts between agencies, landowners, and conservation groups through improved coordination, the exchange of scientific information, the encouragement of collaborative efforts, and the support of regional programs to conserve biological diversity. 
  4. Education:  The Council will encourage public education, dialogue, and participation, in developing procedures and guidelines for biodiversity conservation.  Programs or activities sponsored by the Bioregional Council will encourage community input and cooperation.  The Council will pursue opportunities to educate the public on the scientific principles and practices of biological resource conservation.
  5. Research:  The Council will encourage the inventory of local biological resources and the establishment of measurable baselines, standards of diversity, and bioregional strategies that incorporate monitoring, assessment, and research programs.