We Mourn the Loss of Fellow Board Member Fred McPherson


Fred was a teacher and environmental educator for his whole life. He moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains Bioregion in the 1960s where he taught high school in Pacifica. He soon moved to Boulder Creek in the San Lorenzo River Watershed where he lived for over 50 years and spent much of his time on efforts to safeguard and enhance the San Lorenzo River. He became an adept and highly accomplished videographer – producing videos with his wife and lifelong partner, Roberta, about the places and things he loved and that he wanted us to also love and to protect. His videos will keep his teaching active long into the future. His most recent video, Exploring the Turkey Foot of the San Lorenzo River, was shown at our last Board meeting to great acclaim. Many of his videos can be seen on Youtube.com, under the subscription name, “Santa Cruz Mountains Natural History”.

Fred will be greatly missed by all of us on the Board, and in a broader sense, by the world we all live in. We will miss his knowledge of and passion for nature. We will miss his friendship, his congeniality, and his wisdom, knowing that through his optimistic and gracious nature, he was giving us all lessons in how to live.

Although this is a sad time, we are heartened in the knowledge that his spirit lives on within his many former students, the many colleagues he shared his knowledge with; and in the redwoods in our forests, the steelhead in our streams, the native flowers in our grasslands, and all the native plants and animals that live in the many different watersheds found in the Santa Cruz Mountains - a Bioregion that he loved so much.

A brief biography of Fred can be found on our Directors Biographies page. Also, Fred was interviewed about his life in 2017 by Grey Hayes and Marcia Sivek, and this podcast can be accessed on Be Provided Conservation Radio at https:player.fm/series/beprovided-conservation-radio/fred-mcpherson-environmental-educator-hopelessly-in-love-with-nature.